Crossword Compiler and WordWeb Pro Affiliate Program

Make 20% commission on affiliate sales

After registering for the affiliate program you will be sent two links you can use on your website to send affiliate traffic to the WordWeb Pro or Crossword Compiler websites.

Users are logged using a cookie, and you receive 20% of the sale price of orders generated within two months. Sales are accounted in US dollars, with non-US orders being converted at the going exchange rate. When you have $50 in commission, or once a month (whichever is longer), you can request to be paid by PayPal or other convenient method.

Register as an affiliate now:

Orders for Crossword Compiler generated indirectly from a link to WordWeb Pro will be tracked (and vice versa), or you can link to both products separately. A small fraction of customers may have cookies disabled or blocked, in which case there is no way to track the order and hence you do not receive a commission.

Your affiliate web page will list the details of your affiliate sales along with click-through count and the commission generated so far.

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