Web Publishing

Crossword Compiler can publish interactive puzzles on the web in just a few clicks.

Video Demonstration

If you prefer you can also export files for use on your own website, and a plugin is also available for easy upload to WordPress sites.

Make your own interactive web puzzles

You can upload puzzles directly from the program to your included account on crossword.info. People can then view and solve your puzzles online. The site can even collect answers and mark them for you!

The interactive puzzle applet supports most types of puzzle, including crosswords, word searches, sudoku and puzzles in different languages. See these sample puzzles showing what can be done:

You can also export non-interactive web pages and PDF files for people to print out and solve off-line.

Here's a summary of the solving applet's features:

Supports many puzzle styles

  • Crosswords, word searches, sudoku, coded, and clues-in-squares puzzles
  • Use bars, hint letters, linked clues and non-rectangular puzzles
  • Interactive coded crosswords without clues
  • Un-numbered grids for showing large puzzles clearly
  • Support for key words and multi-letter squares (including Rebus puzzles)
  • French-style puzzles with side numbering

Change the layout and colors

  • Add your puzzle copyright below the grid
  • Change square and clue font sizes
  • Change letter, line, square, block and clue colors
  • Have the clues to the left, right or below the grid
  • Include a timer
  • Include hint links for each clue

Optional buttons

  • Have Reveal, Reveal Letter, Check, Revert, Pencil, Solution, Submit and Save buttons
  • Align the buttons below or to the left of the grid
  • Customize button images

Change clue formatting and layout

  • Use italic, bold, sub and superscript formatting in clues
  • Have bold or non-bold clue numbers, and change their alignment
  • Change highlight colors and the clue font
  • Change the width and spacing of the clue viewer

Solving on phones and tablets

  • Support for all common mobile browsers
  • Easy small-screen solving: automatically shows current clue above the keyboard when screen too small to view the grid and clues at the same time.

Multi-language support

  • Change button captions and the "Across" and "Down" headers
  • Customize the message on completion of the puzzle
  • Optional support for different character sets
  • Option to show alphabet so solvers can use the mouse to enter foreign letters


  • Have pictures in the grid with possibility for a URL link

Compatible and fast

  • Standard JavaScript/HTML5 runs the default applet, and it works on recent version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and other browsers, as well as on iPads, iPhones and Android tablets.
  • Accessibility for solving crosswords with screen readers
  • Applet code may be separately licensed for re-use in your own tablet apps, and source code licensing is also possible in some situations (please email with requirements).

If you wish to use the applet on multiple websites you can buy additional website licenses at low cost; multi-website licenses cost the same as multi-user licenses on the main ordering page. Customized versions may also be possible, please email for details. For distribution details please read the licensing terms.

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